Life sucks and then you die.. It’s as simple as that.. I need to vent even though only a few people are following me and they wont care I need to let this out.. I hate life. I hate myself.. I hate everything about me.. I had a best friend..His name is Jay.. well Justice, but i call him Jay.. That…

Hey hey hey baby girl stop that pick up your head, I love you with all my heart and it sucks not being able to talk to you I hate it, I’m always you’re best friend -beautiful-suffocation-
I think you are perfect. Other people might not know about you.. And you know what I mean but god damn it I love you. You're the most amazing perfect fantastic person in the while world. You are sweet and caring and the most perfect person on this earth. I know life isn't what you've always wanted but give it time jay and you can do what ever you put your mind to.

Thank you! I love you

Why do lesbians suck at cooking?


Because they prefer eating out


Freshman Year


Senior Year


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